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Why Hire a Professional Beverage Caterer? | Indianapolis Bartending Services

Why hire a professional bartender or beverage caterer in Indianapolis?

Legality of Service:

The state of Indiana requires special permits for any type of alcohol service at an event. These permits are obtained through the Alcohol and Tobacco Commission (ATC). Liqour specifically must be serviced through a Liqour permit with a catering add on, so only a caterer with the proper licensing is legally permitted to serve this type of alcohol at an event. These permits must be applied for a minimum of two weeks before your event.

Additionally each of the bartenders carry must carry the proper individual permitting required. This includes an Alcohol SafeServ certificate and a Liqour license, both obtained through the ATC in Indiana. All of the bartenders on our team have the necessary documents in place to ensure safe and legal service at your event.


Our team of professional bartenders will bring the creativity to the table! We can help you create a menu that fits your needs and style. Weather you are looking for a cocktail menu that fits the season, the theme of the party or your personal taste buds we can conjure a menu, just for you!

Custom Event Cocktail
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This is not just a passion, it's a career. Our team has traveled the world to study spirits and cocktails. The Mirth & Myrrh team loves to have fun and help your guests enjoy the merriment of your event. To top it all off, these bartenders are knowledge about spirits and beverages. If you want to keep it simple with an open bar and no cocktail menu, we are more than happy to accommodate that, but if you want to wow your guests with a special menu we can make it happen with excitement.

Mobile Bar Setup at an Event
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Can I hire my local bartender?

The short answer is no. That's why we we're here! We are a team of seasoned, career bartenders and mixologists who have a passion to service excellent cocktails with an experience to match. All of the requirements above, would mean that in order to serve your guests in accordance with the law, you must first obtain the proper permitting through a licensed and registered caterer.

How Do I Book Mirth & Myrrh?

Contact us here! Tell us more about your event so we can send you a customized package that fits your needs.

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