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5 Ways to Customize Your Event | Indianapolis Wedding Cocktails

Updated: Jun 25, 2021

Are you hosting a wedding or event in the Indianapolis area? Looking for ways to make your event feel like you? Here are our top 5 touches to customize your event!

Special Menus

Have an artist create custom menus or cocktail feature signs to display at the bar. Your guests will appreciate the clear and available options. These can be in an 8x10 size to be framed, or a larger to set on a floor easel, 24"x36" for example.

Custom Disposables

These can be on theme of the event, or customized with your name and wedding date to match. Napkins, disposable coffee cups, matches as a take away & more! If you can think it, you can probably create it. If you're having special cups made, check with your bar team, first to ensure the sizing is good for serving purposes.

Indianapolis Beverage Catering

Curated Cocktails

Have our experienced creative team build a custom cocktail menu that will transport your guests to the present. Help your attendees immerse themselves in your event and leave the outside world behind.

Custom Event Cocktail

Rent Glassware

Work with your bar team in advance to determine the appropriate glassware for your curated cocktails or custom selected menu. The right glassware can elevate not only the cocktail itself, but the overall feeling of the event.

Rent Glassware Indy

Splurge on the Bar Set-Up

Most of your guests will idle nearby or visit the bar several times throughout the evening. Make it an enjoyable pitstop. They'll be here so often, let's help them enjoy the stay. We can design a bar set up for your event or rent a bar front from one of our trusted vendors

Indianapolis Wedding Bar

Featured Images:

Indianapolis Planning & Design: Bridget Davis Events

Indianapolis Wedding Photography: Danielle Harris Photography


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